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at Babylon Health Hub.

Lab tested and nature approved preventive healthcare
solutions that don’t leave you reaching for more medication…or leaving another message for your GP.

Your New
Medicine Cabinet

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You don’t have to stay on the chemist’s carousel!

You’ve been to the doctor.

You’ve been to the chemist.

And they’ve given you more pills.

And you’ll feel better for a bit. But then…inevitably…

Your gut starts acting up.

Your head feels tight.

Your allergies take over.

Your joints ache.

Your mind feels foggy.

Or you just can’t sleep.

And the cycle repeats itself.


Your doctor doesn’t have a cure, they just have a pill.
And you feel out of control.

Time to change that

Your health and wellbeing is in your hands.

Take action with the support of Babylon Health Hub.

All Natural Products

Science and Nature, Balanced

Find the balance between the lab and the natural world to find your inner balance. Create your own botanical pharmacy, find nutritional balance in your Omega3s, and create a beauty routine that doesn’t cost the earth.

Guidance for Change

By Your Side at Every Step

Changing the way you think about your body and what you use to manage chronic aches, pains, and general health can be life-altering. But don’t worry, I’ll be here for you. Book a time to find out how you and your family can benefit from changing daily habits to create a healthier future.

Professionals and Home Healers Welcome

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Join our online community of healthcare professionals, wellness advocates, and physical wellbeing masters as we delve deeper in what chemistry in nature can do for our health. We have weekly lessons on nutrition, chemistry, and specific health concerns (inflammation, gut health, emotional health, chronic disease) as well as monthly Q&A live workshops and so much more. Join our waiting list to apply for the next round of openings!

Janet massively helped me, my partner, and my mother with ailments and preventative solutions to help avoid repeat occurrences. She’s easygoing, knowledgeable, and someone we all feel comfortable talking openly with.
– Adam Ball

Janet is always there to help with any health concerns,
providing an excellent level of care and professional advice. She recently showed
me how to layer some oils to help with my symptoms & concern areas.
It’s lovely to have someone available for advice on a holistic approach to healthy living.
– Zoe Campbell

Babylon Health Hub may not be the cure.

But we can change your life.

You know that popping another paracetamol isn’t a long-term solution for your stress headache. Or another sleeping aid. Or any other OTC medication you are constantly reaching for.

You’ve been taking these long enough to know that they aren’t solving your problem, just giving you short-term relief with no end in sight.

With whole, natural chemistry we can help you address the root cause of your physical distress, alleviate symptoms over the long term, and strengthen your body’s own healing mechanisms.

Over and over, BHH clients say that what is on offer is “life changing”. That comes from the quality of the products, the quality of the advice, and the quality of the support BHH gives each and every visitor.

You’re ready for life changing relief and strength.
Let’s get you sorted.

Book a time to speak with Janet on your schedule.

Gut, Joint,
Brain and Body.

Your health goal, our
toxin-free solutions.

Book a call with Janet
to find out how Babylon Health Hub can help you.

  • Enjoy every day without headaches and body aches stopping you in your tracks
  • Leave chronic fatigue in the past.
  • Get your focus back by banishing brain-fog.
  • Revel in the freedom of having a happy and healthy gut.
  • Know what you are putting in and on your body.
  • Proactively identify where you need support before it becomes debilitating with testing.
  • Easy to schedule one-on-one appointments with Janet Ewens.
  • Solutions for every body.
  • Resolve aches and pains once and for all.
  • Chat with other people on the same proactive healthcare journey through Babylon Health Hub’s growing community.
  • Grow your own body of knowledge with topical webinars by Babylon Health Hub.

Hiya, I’m Janet.

And I created Babylon Health Hub for people just like you…and the me I was 10 years ago.

If you want to start feeling well again, put aside nagging aches and pains, and take control of your health, Babylon Health Hub is the right place for you.

Book a time with me to talk through your health goals and we’ll find solutions that work for you, together.

Book a call with Janet

“I’ve had too many trips to the GP only to feel like no one is listening. With Janet, I not only have someone who hears me, but she has offered solutions that really work. I cannot imagine going back to living without the relief and the support of Janet.” – K. Roth

Janet helped me when my leg became infected after an operation and offered a natural solution to reduce the scarring. Amazing results AND she is always available if I need her. I definitely would not know where else to get her knowledge and her warm and helpful advice. – Margaret Armstrong

Janet’s knowledge is simply exceptional. Warm, kind, professional and so patient with me in making a choice and trying something new. – Brian Thompson

Janet’s knowledge of alternative therapies and helpful education has encouraged me to use natural oils instead of running to the chemist. And she is a pleasure to be with. I have shared things with her that I haven’t with anyone else, medical or otherwise. – Peter Collins

Get the Support You Need

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Home is where health starts.

Be the healer in your home.

Get the knowledge you need to take control of your health and the health of your family with support, chat groups, webinars, and more.

Professionals and In-Home Healers

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Join us in our online laboratory for chemistry lessons, monthly health topics, Q&A sessions, and access to our online holistic health network.